I had been introduced into RuneScape with a very bad graphic

Though the level of domestic technology found in Gielinor seems predominately to be about that of the 15th or 16th centuries (a period admittedly later than that of numerous fantasy RPGs), together with cannon-topped castles and Renaissance garb, a number of striking anachronisms are immediately evident. By way of instance, a lot of houses and buildings have been equipped with sinks which provide running water – an advance that, in the real world, did not come until centuries following the presumed period of time! This could, of course, have been orchestrated by RS gold magical, but it would nevertheless have an enormous effect on society as a whole.

Other examples can easily be identified – among the prime offenders in this region is the really sort of absurd modernity of machines like those from the Elemental Workshop (those, of course, are powered by magical, but their styles are completely incoherent with the rest of the planet ). Less concrete but nevertheless tangible – and even though not quite anachronistic, per se – are the large number of real world names found in Gielinor, even if there are not any reasons to do so. If Gielinorian humans did come from Earth, a theory which I dislike myself but that seems plausible, there might have survived vestiges of”ancient” titles, but they would probably be greatly altered and not in ordinary use.

Personally, I like to think that the titles introduced to people are anglicized according to the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (see The Lord of the Rings, Appendix 6); for instance, in the former book, the early Numenorean name Kalimac was turned into Meriadoc, a title with the same texture to English-speaking ears, and its nickname”Kali” to”Merry”. Therefore, characters in Gielinor are given shared real-world names so as to seem familiar, rather than the common Gielinorian names they possess.

Oh, by the way: while I personally dislike anachronism and favor a much more Dark Ages-esque setting, and dislike the use of real world names in buy RuneScape gold fantasy worlds, this isn’t a rant about those things but instead an attempt in a discussion concerning them.

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