Marketing ploy seems to buy Mut 21 coins

Idk for some reason I liked ufc 4 insure. Madden along with fifa ones were trash tho Lmao it looks like someone just loaded up photoshop and dragged some random pictures of Lamar Jackson in and typed Madden nfl 21 coins It is like they began making a collage, realized they just had five stock photographs available, then just slapped the promotional participant in addition to it and called it a day.

Why is there that little white text at the top left? It looks like metadata for one of the images that they employed. It even states EA_MADDEN 21… Here really is the sloppiest shit I’ve ever seen.

That article is a poor take. Even if the photographs have some personality the design is still otherwise extremely poor.

Only appeared the cover. While I get it, then it’d be leaps and bounds better if it was simply the midst Lamar Jackson picture. Idk why they had all those extra images in the cornersYour post made me go back and examine the cover .

Once I watched OP’s comment on the cover I googled it and I only noticed the center image of Jackson and thought that was the whole cover haha. The photos in the corner make it seem like one of those full-page photo spreads your mom buys for you on your highschool yearbook.

It’ll be memed and amplified, although there’s no real telling when the stunt will really move units, but slapped together marketing ploy seems to buy Mut 21 coins have worked pretty well.

Fun fact about the foundation FIFA cover, the picture of this goal on the floor right is just a random royalty free picture EA took off a stock photo site.

bestrsgoldfast Asked on November 20, 2020 in Banking.
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