Most of the time it’s gold wow classic

Even the”raid-loggers” in my guilds still frequently ran Strat/Scholo/UBRS up till May/June. Most of the time it’s gold wow classic not even for equipment or rep, simply to hang out with fellow guildies. Your situation honestly seems like an engagement problem. If you truly do feel burnt out despite having raid-logged for over 6 weeks, it is time to take a rest. You can’t have this FOMO to get Naxx whilst doing barely anything to grab up.

Segmenting raid difficulty is exactly the solution to keep everyone engaged with the game regardless of their commitment levels, similar to your situation. Then all the sudden you get a lot of folks complaining all day about the way the game has been”destroyed”.

People always find ways to complain.I’ve only came back into the game and am having a great time, but it sucks that my favourite thing, performing dungeons, is fairly much non-existent prior to 60 and even in 60 it’s harder to find groups than I’d like just because no one really needs to run dungeons anymore.

I believe TBC will be worse a year in because of there being numerous dungeon options. I’ll be enjoying a bear tank even though in TBC so maybe it’ll be easier to find or start collections.

You will easily find groups as Tank in TBC. At anytime. We’ll see a lot of tanks charging cash to tank heroics due to a massive tank deficit (compared to wow classic gold). In wow classic gold, any dungeon could be buy wow classic gold calmed by means of your average Arms or Fury Warrior with a little bit of plate gear (or even less right now with everybody having aq40 equipment ).

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