There is usually a few herbal dropoff within the weeks

Buyanov signed off by way of noting a brand new milestone for Escape from Tarkov: “And thank you for your dedication and interest,” he wrote. “We broke 200k on line and made a report!”

Since Tarkov isn’t to be had on Steam, there’s no way to Escape From Tarkov Roubles independently confirm that determine, or to evaluate it with Tarkov’s participant rely over time. However, Escape from Tarkov noticed a huge bump in player interest and pastime in December and January, while it ran a promoting on Twitch that furnished in-sport loot for gamers who watched distinctive Tarkov streamers.

That loot can be pretty precious, and it drew lots of players’ interest to the game, swelling Tarkov’s ranks. There’s usually a few herbal dropoff within the weeks following such an event, and as players develop bored they’ll regularly pass on to other games.

However, the wipe units everything back to zero, putting gamers back onto an even footing with folks that had handed them by using in the tools grind because the final wipe. That may have helped draw lapsed players again to the game, contributing to the report number of gamers Tarkov noticed rapidly after the patch rolled out.

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