This is Mut 21 coins a massive issue

At the moment, we can’t possibly strike a balance in between the shedding and blocking. On higher difficulties, this is Mut 21 coins a massive issue. All Madden participant here, and will tell you I STILL haven’t found the sweet spot with all the blocking sliders to make it sensible.

That is 6 full played seasons worth of testing mind you. On one team I have Watt and Cox getting 20 sacks, on the flip side, I’ve Donald with two in 6 matches. Additionally, it makes getting tackles with linemen very demanding considering the only tackles you get are supporting the line if anything.

This brings up another matter, we want MORE SLIDERS.

That I should be able to eliminate the block and perform as a linebacker if I want. Since it is at this time, as soon as you become blocked you’re forced into those shedding animations instead of being able to get them off openly.

By way of instance, if I sense the Mmoexp Madden 21 coins toss, I need to simply back off right off which is not realistic. I should be able to soak the block, make the read, then have the ability to disengage that obstruct should it see it coming without a shed. At that stage, it should be determined by the oline making the play.

That is what makes springs and oline obstructing so good. The dline is far too dependent on sheds and pressure moves, instead of someone reading a drama and getting off a cube when they see it coming.

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