This will impact the economy as some abilities are buyable.

Imagine befriending the guy fishing shrimp on the River Lum beside you. You chat about your goals and achievements, play castle wars with each other, and even finish quests. You wind up joining the PVM clan and learn cox and RuneScape gold tob. There are times when you both take breaks out of Runescape, as one can, but each time you come back there’s a face in your friend’s list. Life moves fast. Fast forward a couple of years and you both stand ahead of Mac, having claimed that the Max cape. You turn to the man who has accompanied you about the grind and inquire,”What?”.

It is a excuse by individuals. Not all articles should be for everyone, I’m likely never getting a max cape, Runescape shouldn’t revolve around everything being accessible for players. Skillcape perks and max cape were mistakes to start with. Their existence influenced many believing that having maximum cape is a must or feature even though it’s locked that they may not like. You have people asking to request for certain skills to possess radical change or xp for a reason to train and get closer to bis cape that is stupid.

This will impact the economy as some abilities are buyable. While skills such as herblore suffers due to instant-buy material merchandise as product are destroyed construction is money sink. Hence creating loss. Herblore is an example; this applies to fletching/crafting/buyable skills too. The max cape/completionist is a large issue in RS3 because of this. It’s literally the cape in Runescape, minus the version of the Infernal Cape of RS3. To get into really high level PVM maxing is regarded as a must with specific perks enabled or you are just going to be outside DPSed by someone else and not be as fractionally powerful.

Jagex dealt with this issue and wanted to create the cape cosmetic only or try to create the capes only activate particular kinds of high tier cape slot things but their was a huge backlash of individuals who awakened months getting these capes. It makes thematic sense using the max capes be the capes in Runescape, but getting 99 in certain abilities are more of a time sink a skill obstacle.

I would love a comp cape at OSRS for some thing for me to use but that I would not want it to possess any special perks past the normal max cape stuff. No one uses max or comp anymore. It’s now outclassed from the kiln capes. They did nerf the stats on the comp and maximum capes, and today with the release of wars escape, there’s absolutely no requirement for being max for the maximum guild.

Skillcapes are problematic for a very long time. In RWT we saw a massive rise after their debut in 2006 and botting in 2007. Correlation doesn’t equal causation. Having lived it, I would be very inclined to believe that the period between when capes were introduced along with the spike in RWT and bot action you mentioned was also one in which Runescape saw a good amount of growth.

Beyond that, what you’re proposing is that the act of Old School RS Gold getting people to play Runescape longer is going to worsen the botting and RWT problems. If that’s accurate, it’s just the cost of doing business because they want people enjoying more. I remember the change in mindset skillcapes back then caused’s launch. It actually was a time prior to skillcapes. Then after their launch everyone seemed to suddenly care.

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