WllFish4Food’s Fishing Guide: Levels 1-99 – Free To Perform

NOTE: This guide will make it alot simpler than it is. It will take some time and patience. ENJOY! Levels 1-5: For levels 1-5, only net fish at RuneScape gold Draynor Village next to lender and willow trees. (note: if you’re a low level like below 20, watch out for the wizards.) You will get fish till level 5. Levels 5-20: For levels 5-15, you may need: -Fising Rod -Bait (50-100) You will bait fish in precisely the exact same place until level 20. But there is another option, if you want to, you can quit at level 15 and return to fishing, and you receive anchovies for much better experience. You will be catching trout till 30. But you can stop at 25, get your lure outside (in case you still have any.) And do river bait fishing for pike. Levels 30-45: For levels 30-45, you’ll do the specific same thing but you’ll be catching salmon and trout. Only do this until 45. (The reason you would like to do this until 45 is because if you begin fishing for lobsters at 40, you won’t get them fast so that you are going to be wasting time) You’ll be fishing for lobsters. (Finaly) You can get to Musa Point by walking to Port Sarim with 60GP. After at Port Sarim, you may pay the Captain or the Seaman 30GP on the dock. Once making your way to the fishing spots, you will simply fish for lobsters until level 60. (Once more you may need 60 fishing so you receive the swordfish alot faster.)

Levels 60-99: For levels 60-99, you may need: -Cash (Again) -Harpoon Okay, this is it. Congratulations! 13 excursions I have a Dharok helm that I recalled was 5m from assessing the GE so my initial reaction was WTF. But I only had 3m total things once I got it due to wasting away in pvp worlds, so I invested the money on arbitrary things and then I decided to do exactly what I loved most – 1 iteming.

The community sucks, so I am not coming backagain. And please, I don’t attack arbitrary serious PKers, that’s a waste of my 4 and salmon casts of ice blitz. After that I tried out RuneScapeHD, I had mixed feelings – I’d be so tempted to come back if the images were a step above the current RSHD – but something I disliked was the menus on RSHD are retardedly difficult to navigate and poorly setup, Jagex did a fantastic job on the images but it appears they just threw together the interface of this , what a pity. While studying RSHD at barrows I got another dharok helm, so that I now have random crap in my own bank which will decline in price and 11 mil money, still nothing in comparison to my prime but eh like I care. Now in full honesty, I had been satisfied with cheap OSRS gold RS, a couple things I didn’t try but I believe that the game is slowly advancing to be better than it ever had been, therefore Jagex, do not delete my account, cause hell in a couple of years that I might return. Discuss changes in RS since the summer of 07.

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